Big T

Go through the timing line, press the first pole on either the left or the right, pass the next two poles on alternate sides. If the 3rd pole is passed on the right side, proceed to the barrel o your left, making a left turn and then a left turn around the other barrel. The weave back through the three poles on opposite sides to pass through the timing line.

NOTE: If the first pole is passed on the right side, the two barrels will both be left turns. If the first pole is passed on the left side, the two barrels will both be right turns.



Double Barrels


The rider races across the start and finish line to the first barrel and picks up the flag. The rider may circle the barrel. The rider continues to the second barrel where the flag is placed on top of or in the second bucket as the rider goes around the outside of the barrel. The rider may circle the second barrel. The rider continues across the start and finish line. It is not necessary that the rider stick the flag in the sand, but the flag must remain in or on the bucket. The rider may ride either a right or a left pattern.


There will be a five (5) second penalty added to the rider's time for knocking over the first bucket or barrel.


  1.  Dropping the flag on the ground or barrel.
  2. Failure to deposit the flag on top of the second bucket.
  3. Knocking over or steadying the second bucket or barrel.


    Mad Mouse Race

    Two cones will be placed 10 feet from the timer line. These cones will be 8 feet apart and centered with the alleyway. Two poles and one barrel will be set up 30 feet from and parallel with the timer line. The poles will be set 30 feet left and right of the barrel.  Contestant must enter the arena and pass between the cones, then circle a pole on either the right or left side. Pass the opposite side of the center barrel and circle the last pole. Then the contestant must pass back between the cones and cross the timer line. PENALTIES-Knocking over a cone, pole or barrel will result in a five second penalty for each. 


    Breaking the pattern will be cause for disqualification.



The horse and rider must go between all pylons turning either to the right or left and going around the center pylon pole. The center pylon pole may be steadied. Then the rider must run the remainder of the pattern accordingly.


A two (2) second penalty for knocking over a pylon or the center pylon pole.


 Breaking the pattern.