To be eligible for series-end playday awards you must be a member in good standing as defined in the TLPRC by-laws. There are three eligible membership levels; membership status must be determined and dues must be paid at a club meeting. A single minor rider must join under a Family Membership.  If you are a pending new member (haven’t paid dues and gone to your 1st meeting), you will ride as a ‘non-member’ until you have attended a meeting and paid your dues. After joining, points from playday ridden directly prior to the meeting in which you joined will be counted towards series-end.



Classes are determined by the participant’s age on JANUARY 1 of the participating year. Participants should remain in the same class throughout the series to qualify for series-end awards. Contestants are not allowed to move out of their age group.
Classes are as follows:




8 & under










Novice *


Mens (18 & Over)

*Novice Rider – A novice rider is a rider not competing in or has not previously competed in, anything other than playdays. Any rider who finished first or second place in any playday competition will ride with their age group. Third place will be moved at the discretion of the playday committee.



The state law being enforced by the Texas Animal Health Commission requires you to have a current coggins test on horses being transported in contact with other horses. You must have a current coggins on every horse you bring to the TLPRC playday or you will not be allowed to participate or stay on the grounds with your animals. You must bring a copy and you may leave a copy of it on file by the first playday you participate in and it must always remain current.


Books are closed on an event after the first rider of that event, of that age group, has broken the timer.

Leadline: Runner must remain in contact with the horse at all times, being sure that the horse starts and stops the timer.

Arena Judge: There will be an arena judge during every event and the judge’s decision on all runs will be final.  Arena judge must be a person who is knowledgeable of all playday and event rules and regulations.

Alleyway/Announcer’s Box: Behind the arena, in the alleyway and under the announcer’s box is to be kept clear at all times. Stay out of the alleyway unless it is your time to compete. DO NOT GO TO THE ANNOUNCER’S BOX. If you have a question about anything, please ask the sign-up person. No horses are to be tied to the fence behind the arena. Horses must be in control going into and leaving the alley – at a walk or a CONTROLLED trot. Do not run into or out of the alleyway. Failure to maintain this control will result in a No Time. We run an open alley for all events. If you require a closed gate, it will be your responsibility to provide your own gate operator – if you do not have someone, ask anyone available. Entrance through the side gate is permitted.

Events: Contestants must ride 4 out of 5 events on the same horse to be a qualified rider and receive day-end awards. Scheduled events will be chosen by the playday committee before the start of each series.

Playdays: You must be a qualified rider (riding 4 of 5 events) to qualify for points and day-end prizes. You must be a member and a qualified rider at 5 of 7 playdays for series-end awards. The best 5 out of 7 will be counted. You must ride the 5 qualifying playdays in the same class.

Horse/Rider: One horse/one rider rule applies. You must remain on the same horse for all events that day and in the same class in order to receive points for day-end and in that same class for series-end awards. You may only enter one class.  The same horse may be used by different riders. If your horse is injured during the playday, the playday chairperson must be immediately informed and the Playday Chairperson will make the decision if the rider may ride another horse based on the nature of the injury.

Sportsmanship: Conduct yourself in an appropriate manner at all times. Correction of your horse is allowed, however abuse of any horse will not be tolerated, as per the Sportsmanship Conduct Rule of the American Quarter Horse Association. Encourage your kids, however yelling at a rider in the arena during the event will result in a No Time or Disqualification.

Arena: No person is allowed in the arena past the timer, other than the judge and arena help. Once the timer has started, there will be no restarts. No reruns due to tack equipment failure. If horse falls or rider falls off, the rider will still receive, a time provided the pattern is made correctly and the rider is on the horse when it crosses the timer. The arena judge has the final decision to call a qualified run.


Alcohol: No alcohol or glass containers, of any kind, are allowed within the fenced in area. 



A seven point system will be used:


1st place = 7 pts,


2nd place = 6 pts,


3rd place = 5 pts,


4th place = 4 pts,


5th place = 3 pts,


6th place = 2 pts,


all other qualifying TLPRC members will receive 1 participation point for riding in an event.

Non-qualifying riders will not receive points. Non-member points WILL NOT BE COUNTED for series-end awards.

In the event of a tie at day-end or series-end, the number of 1st places for each rider will be counted. The rider with the most 1st places will be awarded the higher place. If the tie is not broken, the number of 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th places will be counted as necessary to break the tie.  If there is still a tie, it will be decided on by a flip of a coin.


Each rider must earn 10 Playday Work Points to receive series-end awards, with a maximum of 30 points per family.  These points will be posted for you at each playday so you will know where you stand. These points must be acquired by the last playday of the series.  Getting the work points you or your family needs is your responsibility. These points will be tracked by the playday committee as closely as possible. If you feel your points are not correct, you must let the Playday Chairperson know before the next playday. If this is not done, points will stand as posted. There will be sign up sheets for every task that you can perform to obtain these points. If you do not sign your name on the sign-up sheets, no points will be issued. It’s up to you to document your name and receive credit for your work.  NO DOCUMENTATION - NO POINTS - NO EXCEPTIONS.  Someone other than yourself can acquire points for you. There will be a place on the sign up sheet for you or them to document who their work points are for. They do not have to be a member of the club.

The following are tasks you can perform at a playday to achieve series-end points. Each of the following will receive ½ point for each class for each event: working in arena/alleyway, writing ribbons, timekeeping, announcing, and arena judge (arena judge must be approved by Committee Chairperson – must have a working knowledge of all playday and event rules). Minimum ages: working arena-12, writing ribbons-16, timekeeping-16, judging-21.

Concession stand and sign-up booth will get 2 ½ points for every 1 hour of work. MINIMUM TIME PERIOD TO WORK IN THE CONCESSION STAND IS 30 MINUTES AT A TIME (any recorded work periods of less than that will be disregarded and no points will be allotted).  MINIMUM AGE TO WORK IN THE CONCESSION STAND IS 15.

**Playday work points can also be earned by acquiring donations for the playdays or barrel races in which the money goes into the playday fund as follows:
Totaling                 Points                                            Totaling                 Points
$25-49                       1 pt                                            $250-299                 10 pts
$50- 99                      2 pts                                          $300-399                 12 pts
$100-149                   4 pts                                          $400-449                 16 pts
$150-199                   6 pts                                          $450-499                 18 pts
$200-249                   8 pts                                          $500 +                     20 pts
**Playday work points can also be earned by donating items to the Silent Auction. You will receive one (1) playday point for every $20 your item sells for.


1.      Must be a club member in good standing as defined in the club by-laws.

2.      Must attend 5 of 7 playdays and compete in 4 of 5 events at each of those playdays.

3.      Must earn work points – 10 per rider/30 maximum per family.


Awards will be given to all qualified riders in each class.  Playday committee members will gather information on awards, and will purchase and coordinate presentation of the awards according to series-end results.

Please note these are general rules and outlines for the TLPRC Playday Series. If there is a question or discrepancy concerning these rules or other issues, it should be brought to the attention of the Playday Chairperson. If the question or discrepancy needs immediate attention, an immediate ruling or decision will be made by the Playday Committee.



Chris Dauphinais

2013 Playday Chairperson







Updated 01/11/13